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Tangy & Tasty Halloween

Tangy & Tasty parties have a little something for everyone: whether you're a diehard aficionado, who demands a nod to horror classics, or just looking to party in your shiny faux leather catsuit.

There comes a time in everyone's life when a house party (aka a punch-bowl filled with bobbing Jello fingers and poorly-rigged booby traps by the bathroom door) just doesn't cut it anymore, and for those looking to celebrate Halloween with a proper party (and a bunch of masked strangers), you're sure to find something from our menu.

This past year, Halloween fell on Wednesday, so many of our customers got things started as soon as this weekend came and dropped by Tangy & tasty to treat us with great costumes.

Tangy and Tasty

  • Group of five customers deressed up.
  • Girl with pony tails.
  • Man dresses as a human egg.
  •  Scary masked man.
  • Gorilla, butterfly and man dressed as a pillow.
  • Gang of four dressed up.
  • Man dressed as a Spanish priest
  • Gang all dresses up.
  • Couple dressed up from the movie Scream.
  • Guy with his arm around his girl friend.
  • Women dresses as a Police women.
  • Two girls dressed as skeletons.
  • Girl dresses up in a toga costume.
  • Two guys one in a top hat the other in a straw hat.